Management Philosophy

Any scandals & illegal activities which not only undermine security & trust but also threaten human lives, such as false labeling of construction, etc continue.
Are “corporative social responsibility” & “compliance” properly fulfilled, not just as slogans?

Nowadays, information & products are easy to be obtained thru the internet. In the meantime, security, safety & trust are hard to be obtained at the same time.

We do believe that inexpensive, substandard, or unfair product which ignores quality should not be distributed in the market, lured by only the price.
Therefore, Archer’s basic policy is to visit our manufacturer’s sites frequently and always confirm quality to avoid accepting “FAKE” products based on our cultivated experience, know-how & supply chain to meet our customer’s demands.

We have established a traceability system based on strict quality standards & auditing systems and try to do our best to ensure a stable supply of high-quality products with competitive prices to our customers.

We try to work flexibly for diversified needs & changes in the corporate environment and build a trusting relationship with our customers & suppliers and make a better proposal for mutual benefit.

“We don’t accept FAKE.” “Faithfully & honestly”

We try to create corporate value based on the above as our basic policy.

Archer Company