Do you have this kind of trouble?

The quality of these parts which are manufactured by that manufacturer is not satisfactory.
Moreover, their response to the complaint is not satisfactory, either.
We’d like to switch to a better manufacturer but we’re afraid to deal with another manufacturer which we don’t know directly…
Isn’t there any good procurement method?

It’s difficult to demand furthermore price reduction from our original supplier.
We were wondering if we could get some price advantage
if we deal with another company.

We’ll try to inquire once.

Oh, will that supplier go out of business because there is no successor?
Lately, many suppliers suddenly have gone out of business due to the aging of the population…
That supplier was the only supplier which was willing to manufacture our product!
Well, our customer said that they had the plan to place a repeat order for our product,
but what should we do…?

Please contact Archer when you need help!

Archer’s policy

Archer makes the most of trust relationships with not only overseas suppliers but also domestic Japanese suppliers which we have cultivated for over many years of experience & achievements and lead our customers to the solution to their problems.
We also provide Q (Quality), C (Cost), and D (Delivery time) that satisfy our customers with the most appropriate supply chain depending on the business situation.

Archer values trust relationships with not only our customers but also our supplier.
We try to build a good relationship (Win-Win-Win) among our customers, Archer & our suppliers over the medium to long term through business.

Moreover, we think that the risk of business is not concentrated on one company or the other.
Therefore, we believe that it’s essential to build a business model that satisfies all 3 parties, our customer, Archer & our supplier for continuous business.

If necessary, Archer checks the quality of the initial product by visiting local manufacturers and checking the manufacturing site at the time of start-up of the initial product.